Why Choose WSM?

Wireless Service Management was founded by Andy Fox in 2007. With many years experience in the Service Management industry, Andy was Managing Director of a busy Fire and Security company where he oversaw 20 field engineers using a typical PDA solution from one of the leading providers before setting up WSM.


WSM was born out of the frustration with the existing solutions for Contract & Service Management. Andy discovered quickly that the new technology offered by digital pens could be harnessed to greatly improve the life of service management companies, as many were burdened by unhelpful technology.

The REAL solution

We started out being one of the first t the first The 'Digital Pen Plus' system is the REAL solution the service industry has been waiting for.


Digital pens are used to 'see' what is written on special Digital forms, which are created specific to each customer and can be developed to be multi use. Conversion ratio's are extremely high at over 97%. Tick boxes are also widely used to easily convert data into simple Yes or No.


The data is passed via Bluetooth to a mobile phone and onto a server, which forwards it in the form of an image file and converted data file.

These can be sent in e-mail, XML and HTML format direct to the customer's own server and then imported directly into the WSM software.


There are a wide range of compatible mobile phones including Nokia and Blackberry; Digital A4 diaries and notebooks can also be used by managers, engineers or sales staff. The pages of the diary can be sent to a default e-mail address and multiple users if required.


Specifically tailored to service companies throughout the design stage, the 'Digital Pen Plus' system can be easily adapted to suit your exact requirements. Find out more by clicking on the modules tab above or contact us today.

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