Making Paperless Possible - what the 'Digital Pen Plus' system from WSM will do for you

The Digital Pen digitises your existing paper worksheets, leaving your customers with a paper copy. The worksheet is then transmitted electronically via a mobile phone (photos can also be 'attached' to the jobs if required) to the office as a digital image (as if it had been scanned). The written data is converted to automatically update the job within minutes and photos can also be 'attached' to the jobs if required.

This unique system has many benefits.

Just take a look at some of the great reasons to make the change to the 'Digital Pen Plus' system from WSM:

  1. Return on investment. Substantial savings on staff time and engineers’ productivity means ROI can be achieved in just 12 months.
  2. Profit & Loss. Running profit can be instantly seen at Contract and job level as well as by date selection
  3. Engineers’ productivity. Receive instant reporting of productive work, travel time and non productive events, all shown by date range.
  4. Asset tracking & reporting. All individual equipment on a contract can be tracked using digital test reports or digital asset stickers that can be attached to the equipment. The Digital Pen also reads barcodes.
  5. More effective use of time. Over 95% of jobs are automatically created, closed and invoiced - leaving you to concentrate on jobs requiring attention.
  6. Produce Contract billing with a single mouse click, creating hundreds of invoices that can be exported to your accounts system in minutes using a simple excel export/import tool.
  7. Engineer Scheduler.The inbuilt diary manager organises all engineers and subcontractors. It’s easy to use, utilising a simple drag and drop method to plan in work, or you let the system plan it automatically – doing the work for you.
  8. Graphical Planner. The 'Digital Pen Plus' system from WSM can automatically produce monthly maintenance jobs with few mouse clicks. At contract setup, a graphical week number calendar can be used to set up maintenance for the duration of a complete contract. Progress is then tracked using a simple traffic light colour scheme, green for complete, amber for escalated and red for overdue.
  9. Central Communications. Quotes, purchase orders, letters, e-mails, faxes & notes can be created instantly – and are then all stored in one central place. All historical communications are viewable at customer and contract level, giving instant access to the information you or your customer need. With superb inbuilt Quality Assurance ISO9001 approved features, security and audit tracking.
  10. Stock management. The 'Digital Pen Plus' system from WSM includes an inbuilt stock management system, supplier management and purchasing control, giving you the power to keep track at the push of a pen.
  11. User friendly. Extremely easy to use and navigate, most users are up and running with only a day of training. The system is also easily adaptable, giving you the ability to rapidly customise it to your exact requirements.

Coming Soon!

WSM Hub. Designed for Manned sites or Satellite offices as an extention to the main WSM database , users have their own cut down version of the System generating and managing their own jobs. Any jobs created and updated are displayed on the Main WSM database for complete transpancy of the work being carried out remotely to the main office.  



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