The basic framework and structure of the Modules have been designed to be as flexible as possible but are pre set. Two days development work is included with the package to adjust the application to suit your individual requirements. Additional days can be added if required, or the modules can be completely redesigned to suit your business needs. The additional cost for a bespoke redesign is dependent on the development time.


Every system purchased comes with full on site training, 'how to', step by step videos and a full support package.

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Customer Main Features

  • Centrally managed communications
  • Create instant preformatted letters
  • Create instant faxes
  • Telephone call log
  • Quick note
  • Instantly highlight QA issues to comply with ISO9001
  • View and instantly click to all customer contracts, invoices, jobs
  • Historical summaries
  • Head and Branch office multiple addresses per customer
  • Quick find
  • Embed and retrieve unlimited documents
  • Built in hyperlink to show location map
  • Built in route finder from head office to customer address
  • Instant web publishing

Contracts Main Features

  • Auto renew of contracts with preset % increase
  • Raise monthly invoices for all contracts with a single click. Fully controllable by date range.
  • Sophisticated invoice control of contracts, including After Visit, which raises the invoice when the pensheet is received.
  • Automatic monthly scheduling of maintenance tasks with a single click
  • Embedded Site location map
  • Extensive site notes, passwords, parking, equipment data, engineers notes, booking information and contact details
  • Embed documents directly into the system
  • Sophisticated visit planner with primary and secondary engineers, number of visits and month of visits.
  • Extensive job lists, showing jobs completed or outstanding by contract or by inventory
  • Contract history showing all letters, faxes, notes, jobs and invoicing.
  • Built in communications to raise letters, faxes and notes for the contract.
  • Device listing - create test reports listing every single piece of equipment.
  • Auto update of test reports from pensheets
  • Outstanding devices to test view
  • Raise and schedule a whole year's maintenance in advance for individual contracts
  • Pre-set spend limits, set by contract

Jobs Main Features

  • Import Pensheets directly into the system
  • Pensheet data converted to auto update job progress
  • Jobs automatically closed and passed for invoicing
  • Jobs ready for invoice screen
  • Automatic update of maintenance schedules
  • Multiple list views of jobs status
  • Only jobs requiring attention screen
  • E-mail jobs to engineers directly from the screen
  • Limitless user selectable job categories and types
  • Conversion of written Pensheet to electronic version
  • Re-scheduling of jobs to different engineers
  • NEW, Attach photos from a mobile phone to a Pensheet. The Pictures will automatically be attached to the job on import

Scheduler Main Features

  • Raise Jobs in seconds
  • Instantly E-mail Jobs to engineer with one click
  • Instantly SMS Job details to engineer
  • Drag and drop Jobs into the calendar
  • Network Tasks for all users
  • Full diary planner with fully customisable bookings, such as Holiday, Sickness, Meetings
  • Full conflict resolution to prevent double bookings
  • Multiple Jobs on one schedule
  • Lockable appointments to prevent unauthorised/accidental moving of Jobs
  • Unlimited number of custom resources
  • Unlimited number of custom resource categories (Engineers, Vehicles, Inventory, Admin Staff, Meeting Rooms, etc)
  • Fully customisable view of engineers by area, skills
  • Fully customisable views by day, week, month, duration
  • Job overview screen showing engineers' loadings
  • View engineers' outstanding Jobs in a split screen to allocate and drag directly into the diary
  • Extremely flexible Job report screen to find outstanding and or completed Jobs by virtually any search criteria. Eg. engineer, contract, customer, job type, date, week, date range, etc.
  • Instantly E-mail customers a HTML report and embedded Pensheet of a single Job or hundreds. Extremely useful for compliance with SLA agreements where a monthly update of Jobs status is required.

Invoice Main Features

  • Automatic invoices created for all maintenance contracts with a single click
  • Review invoices before setting and locking them as complete
  • Single button export of all invoices for automatic import to 3rd party account packages such as Sage
  • Inbuilt stock list to raise call out invoices
  • Customisable invoice text lines

Quotation Module Main Features

  • Create professional looking quotes in seconds
  • Create attached letters using 'templates'
  • Create the invoice with a single mouse click
  • Embed and retrieve unlimited documents like drawings or product leaflets
  • The ability to show your internal job costings
  • Unlimited notes field
  • Instantly E-mail as a single PDF, print or fax
  • Quote can be locked to prevent alteration
  • List view that can be filtered to show status - eg. open, closed, accepted or not accepted
  • Fully transparent so quotes can be seen at customer, contract or inventory level
  • Quick find

Purchasing Module Main Features

  • Create professional looking orders in seconds
  • Embed and retrieve unlimited documents like service level agreements against suppliers
  • Historical line by line of previous orders placed
  • Instantly E-mail as a single PDF, print or fax
  • List view that can be filtered to show open or complete orders
  • Fully transparent so quotes can be seen at supplier, contract or inventory level.
  • Miscellaneous job costings at contract and inventory level to record small costs that have not had an actual order raised.
  • Central communications to send and retrieve, letters, faxes, e-mails, notes and telephone logs
  • Automate the sending of SMS alerts for jobs
  • Configure SMS notification level (for example, 1 hour before job starts)
  • Automate the sending of email alerts for jobs
  • Configure Email notification level (for example, list all jobs for current day)
  • Retrieve full Job information on your mobile phone*
  • Create Jobs directly from your mobile phone
  • Clash management to prevent double booking
  • Full search capability. (For example search by date or job number)
  • View/Create your tasks
  • We can also customise the WAP Module to display any other data you would like to view while on the move


*1 NOTE: Phone must be GPRS compatible.

GPRS is available wherever a phone call can be received. GPRS has a benefit over 3G as 3G is not as widely available as GPRS. GPRS also transfers small amounts of data and therefore costs less. GPRS can be used in any country, so you are never away from the system.

GPRS is widely available on todays mobile phones, however, not all mobile phones support 3G. Therefore, no special phones are required for this module.

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